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Islamorada Sailfish Tournament


       The Islamorada Sailfish Tournament is less than a month away.  Entry forms for both the Islamorada Sailfish and the Gold cup series can be found on line at www.islamoradasailfishtournament.com

       Get your entries mailed this week end and save.  Any entry for the Islamorada Sailfish Tournament received by November 10th will save you money!

       We would love to have you join us on Facebook. If you have pictures or video for our Facebook page please send them.

       If you are staying for the Islamorada Fishing Clubs Captains Cup $25,000.00 winner takes all on December 9th please note we have opened this event up to 4 anglers per boat. Entry forms can be found at www.theislamoradafishingclub.com

       With the help of our major sponsors Caribee Boat Sales, Yamaha Outboards, World Wide Sportsman and TIB Bank we hope you will join us in Islamorada for another great tournament season!


Dianne Harbaugh

Islamorada Sailfish Tournament



Make way for manatees heading for warmer water

November is Manatee Awareness Month, and for good reason. Florida manatees are on the move, seeking warm-water sites to spend the winter. That means boaters must be cautious and watch for Florida’s official marine mammal and for changing speed zones on waterways.

Manatees generally start traveling to warm water when the air temperature drops below 50 degrees or when the water temperature dips to 68 degrees. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) changes seasonal speed zone signs in mid-November on many waterways to accommodate manatee migration.

Boaters should scan the water near or in front of the boat, looking for swirls resembling a large footprint, a repetitive line of half-moon swirls, a mud trail, or a snout or fluke (tail) breaking the water’s surface. Kipp Frohlich, leader of the FWC’s Imperiled Species Management Section, said boaters can help manatees have a safe migration by staying in marked channels, wearing polarized sunglasses to improve vision, obeying posted boat speed zones, using poles, paddles or trolling motors when close to manatees, and having someone help scan the water when under way.

“If you think you see a manatee, give it plenty of room because it may not be alone,” Frohlich said. “It may have a calf or be traveling with other manatees.”

Besides slowing down and following the FWC’s recommendations, residents can help manatees survive by purchasing the manatee specialty license plate. The funds collected for these plates go directly into manatee research and conservation.

For more information about manatees, visit MyFWC.com/Manatee. To report a dead or distressed manatee, call the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922). 

Winter (manatee-related) boat speed zone changes by county:


Brevard County: Nov. 15 - March 31

  • No-entry and motorboats-prohibited zones – North Indian River area around discharge canals of the Reliant Corp. Power Plant and Florida Power & Light’s Frontenac Power Plant.

  • Idle speed zone – West of Intracoastal Waterway in general vicinity of power plants.


Broward County: Nov. 15 - March 31

  • Idle speed  Port Everglades Power Plant area, including part of the discharge canal. Portions of the South New River Canal and Dania Cut-off Canal near the Lauderdale Power Plant.

  • Slow speed  Intracoastal Waterway from the Palm Beach County line through Hillsboro Inlet south to Burnham Point. (Note: Some portions are weekend-only slow speed.)


Citrus County:

  • Lower (western) portions of the Withlacoochee River and Bennetts Creek  Sept. 1 - Feb. 28 – 25 mph.

  • Lower (western) portions of the Chassahowitzka River – Sept. 1 - March 31 – 25 mph.

  • Portions of Kings Bay – Sept. 1 - April 30  Idle speed or slow speed.

  • Portions of the Homosassa River between the Salt River and Trade Winds Marina and southern portion of Halls River – Oct. 1 - April 30  Slow speed.

  • All waters in the vicinity of the Florida Power Corp.’s effluent canal – Nov. 15 - April 30  Slow speed.

  • Within the Blue Waters area of the upper Homosassa River near Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park – Nov. 15 - March 31 – No entry.


Dade County: Nov. 15 - April 30

  • No entry – Portions of the Biscayne Canal, Little River and Coral Gables Canal.

  • Slow speed – Within portions of Meloy (or East) Channel and portions of the Intracoastal Waterway in Dumfoundling Bay and Biscayne Bay between Broad Causeway and Venetian Causeway.


Hillsborough County: Nov. 15 - March 31

  • No entry – Portions of the discharge canal of the TECO Power Plant in Apollo Beach.

  • Idle speed – General vicinity of the TECO Power Plant in Apollo Beach.


Indian River County:

  • Within Sand and Shell islands area, Channel Marker 66 south to Channel Marker 75; Indian River area from Hobert Lodge Marina to North Canal, and from Channel Marker 156 south to St. Lucie County line west of the Intracoastal Waterway  Nov. 1 - April 30  Slow speed.

  • Portion of canal system adjacent to Vero Beach Power Plant – Nov. 15 - March 31  No entry.


Lee County: Nov. 15 - March 31

  • No entry – Discharge and intake canals of the Florida Power & Light Tice Power Plant.

  • Idle speed and slow speed – Portions of the Intracoastal Waterway channel on the Caloosahatchee River in the vicinity of the Tice Power Plant.

  • 25 mph – Portions of Estero Bay, Hurricane Bay, Hell Peckney Bay and Hendry Creek.

  • Seasonally unregulated – Cayo Costa, North Captiva, Captiva and St. James City areas.


Levy County:

§  Year-round no-entry zone - Manatee Springs State Park (manatee protection).


Palm Beach County:

§  Nov. 15 - March 31

§  Motorboats prohibited – Within general vicinity of Florida Power & Light Riviera Beach Power Plant discharge canals.

§  Slow speed – Outside the main channel in the Loxahatchee River, and in the north and southwest forks of the Loxahatchee River.

§  Idle speed and slow speed zones – Look for shore-to-shore speed zone changes north and south of Peanut Island near the Florida Power & Light Riviera Beach Power Plant.

§  Oct. 1 - May 31

§  25 mph – Portions of the Intracoastal Waterway channel between State Road 706 and Lake Worth, and south of Lake Worth to Broward County.


Sarasota County: Nov. 15 - March 15

§  No entry – Portion of Salt Creek and Warm Mineral Springs north of U.S. 41.


St. Lucie County:

§  Within Moore’s Creek – Nov. 15 - March 31  Motorboats prohibited.

§  Within Garfield Cut/Fish House Cove area – Nov. 15 - April 15  Slow speed.

§  Within Intracoastal Waterway channel between North Beach Causeway south to Channel Marker 189 and within the Shark Cut Channel in the Fort Pierce Inlet area – Nov. 15 - April 30  Slow speed.


Volusia County:

  • Portions of the Tomoka River and Spruce Creek – Sept. 1 - March 31  25 mph.

  • Oct. 15 - April 15

§  Blue Spring Run – Motorboats prohibited.

§  St. Johns River, south of Lake Beresford to Channel Marker 67  Slow speed.


Complete copies of individual county waterway rules are available at www.flrules.org (type in “manatee speed zones”), by visiting MyFWC.com/Manatee and clicking on the Protection Zone maps, or by contacting the FWC at 850-922-4330.


Zone Definitions:

  • Idle speed (No wake)  Lowest speed needed to maintain steering and make headway (speed used when docking a boat).

  • Slow speed (No excessive wake) – Fully off plane and completely settled in the water; not plowing.

  • Motorboats-prohibited zone – Entry is prohibited for any vessel being propelled or powered by machinery.

  • No entry – No vessels or other human-related activities allowed.





Islamorada Charter Boat Association Annual meeting

       The Islamorada Charter Boat Association will hold it's annual meeting on Tuesday November 2nd at 5PM.  The meeting will take place at Founders Park in the community center.  This is the building by the pool.  If you have any topic that you would like to make sure is on the agenda, please contact President Steve Leopold atleofish4@aol.com or phone 393-9955.  Posters will be going up at the local marinas.  Hope to see you there.

Dianne Harbaugh
Interim membership chair

Fishing event to boost conservation, hatchery effort


The thrill of landing a big saltwater fish lures many avid anglers to pursue Florida’s great sport-fishing opportunities. Most anglers want these experiences to be available in the future, too. So, when an occasion to pursue big fish coincides with a chance to contribute to the future of fishing in Florida, you can imagine that there is a lot of interest.

That is exactly what is expected with the upcoming Big Reds Tournament on Saturday, Nov. 13, in the Indian River Lagoon on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

The Wildlife Foundation of Florida is hosting the Big Reds Tournament to raise awareness about the Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative and to create an opportunity for anglers to help develop East Coast hatcheries. The Foundation, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and their partners in the initiative are creating a network of statewide hatcheries to provide fish for the present and the future. This public and private partnership was established to help maintain healthy populations of Florida’s marine sport fish.

The Initiative is building on the stock-enhancement program begun by the FWC in the late 1980s. FWC researchers at the Stock Enhancement Research Facility in Port Manatee have raised and released more than 6 million juvenile redfish on Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

To ensure that hatchery-raised fish do not harm wild stocks, researchers monitor the health and genetic diversity of these fish. Ongoing research conducted by FWC scientists and their partners continues to move Florida in the direction of developing marine fisheries stock to complement other fisheries management tools, such as fishing regulations and habitat restoration.

One of the initial steps in establishing an East Coast hatchery is to collect a breeding stock. For this purpose, the FWC and its partners need to collect mature, healthy fish from Florida’s East Coast. To accomplish this task, the Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative created a unique opportunity for anglers to participate in the effort – The Big Reds Tournament.

The tournament invites registered anglers to collect live, healthy redfish from the Indian River Lagoon. An event like this requires some special planning and some special rules. Since the goal of the tournament is to collect live fish that will be transferred to hatchery tanks, it is critical that participants handle the fish they catch carefully and properly.

Participating anglers will be provided with an FWC Special Activity License to allow for harvest of over-the-slot-limit redfish for hatchery purposes, and they will be required to attend a briefing that includes fish-handling guidelines. Chase boats in the tournament fishing areas will pick up the fish from the anglers and place them in onboard livewells or holding nets. After the event, trained personnel will safely transport the fish to their destination.

Partner organizations assisting the Wildlife Foundation of Florida and the FWC with this effort include Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, Harbor Branch at Florida Atlantic University, Mote Marine Laboratory and the Florida Institute of Technology.

The guiding theme for the Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative is ensuring Florida’s saltwater resources continue to provide great fishing opportunities for current and future anglers. For more information about the initiative and the tournament, visit www.MyFMFEI.org.

Close encounter with a hammerhead


       After a 20-minute fight with a tarpon under Long Key bridge near Duck Key, Fla., a hammerhead shark attacks and eventually eats the tarpon.

       The anglers say they tried to protect the tarpon by running it down and creating noise to confuse the shark. After a quick release, the shark returns and, after about five hits, the shark wins and swims off with the fish.

       Moments later, half of the tarpon floats to the surface and one angler grabs the remains. When the shark returns and bumps the boat, the angler gives up on the carcass. Another fisherman grabs it just as the hammerhead strikes again.

       Conservative size estimates for the shark are 14 feet and around 400 pounds.

To View Video Click Here:


Islamorada Charter Boat Association Annual Meeting

The Islamorada Charter Boat Association will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday November 2nd at 5PM.  The meeting will take place at Founders Park in the community center.  This is the building by the pool.  If you have any topic that you would like to make sure is on the agenda, please contact President Steve Leopold atleofish4@aol.com or phone 393-9955.  Posters will be going up at the local marinas.  Hope to see you there.

Dianne Harbaugh


Interim membership chair


Everglades National Park News Release


The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.

October 25, 2010

For Immediate Release

Project Manager: Ryan Meyer 305-242-7015 Media Contact: Linda Friar 305-242-7714

Everglades National Park Celebrates Veteran's Day Historic Nike Missile Base Open House

HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA – Come celebrate Veteran's Day 2010 with park rangers and volunteers at Everglades
National Park. Entrance fees at all park fee stations will be waived for this national holiday set aside to 
recognize America's veterans. To commemorate this important day, the park is hosting an Open House at the Historic 
Nike Hercules Missile Base on Thursday November 11th, 2010 from 10am to 3pm.

This is a great opportunity to take a step back in time and explore this historic American military site where
armed nuclear missiles once stood guard. Following the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 the US Army built a number 
of missile sites around south Florida to protect the local population, including this little known base in the middle  
of Everglades National Park. Today this site is the best preserved example of these missile bases. A formal 
presentation will be provided at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm by Ranger Ryan Meyer who will discuss the Cuban Missile crisis 
and the air defense of south Florida during this period. No reservations are needed for these special programs. 
The base in the park was listed on the U. S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places 
on July 27, 2004. The area includes structures associated with events following the Cuban Missile Crisis
and the larger Cold War. This base is one of four that were built in South Florida.

The Open House will begin at the Daniel Beard Center, about 7 miles from the Ernest Coe Visitor Center. 
The fully accessible walking tours will cover about ½ mile. Visitors should be prepared to drive 14 miles round trip 
from the visitor center. The Ernest Coe Visitor Center is located 9 miles southwest of Homestead on State Road 9336.

Additional information about the Nike Missile
site can be found on our website at http://www.nps.gov/ever/historyculture or by calling (305) 242-7015.

  IGFA Hot News and Hot Catches – October 2010

By Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications – IGFA PR Counsel

Sold out IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame to welcome 12th induction class

A sold out crowd is expected to see five men -- from the U.S., Japan and Britain, all who have made significant contributions to the sport of recreational fishing – to be inducted into the International Game Fish Association Fishing Hall of Fame this month.

The class of 2010 includes Yoshiro Hattori, Capt. Steve Huff, George G. Mathews, John Wilson and Forrest Wood.

The 12th annual star-studded enshrinement ceremony and dinner will be held Tuesday, October 26, at 6 p.m. at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Fla. The public is invited.

The honorees are selected each year for the significant contributions through achievements in angling, literature, the arts, science, education, invention, communication or administration of fishery resources.

           The five inductees and their contributions are:

· Yoshiro Hattori is an honorary member of the Japan Game Fish Association since its inception.  A natural communicator, he is widely known for his television shows “Fishing in Japan” and “11 PM” where he introduced various fishing reports in Japan and overseas.

      Capt. Steve Huff, whose innovations include shallow-water boat building, light-tackle and fly-rod fish fighting techniques, has guided clients to some of the most coveted inshore world records since 1968.  Huff revolutionized flats fishing in saltwater and is celebrated in the Bahamas, Mexico, the Florida Keys and the Seychelles.

·    George G. Mathews is a big-game fisherman who participated in many of the Bahamas tournaments during the 1960-1970s.  A member of the IGFA Board of Trustees since 1971, Mathews has served as Board Chairman and is a former member of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission.

·     John Wilson, a British angler has been a TV personality for 20 years covering big game and deep sea fishing.  Voted “The Greatest Angler of All Time” in a 2004 poll by readers of Angling Times, Wilson has published nearly 20 books and authored a column for the newspaper the Sunday Express until 2009.

·     Forrest Wood began as a fishing guide on the fabled Arkansas White River, USA.  Wood started a small boat repair business on the side and developed his business into what became Ranger Boats.  Wood and his family went out to set the modern standard for bass boats, including the first built-in livewell system.  Wood validated his early “built by fishermen for fishermen” ad slogan by fishing the B.A.S.S. tour for nearly two decades.

There are currently 80 Hall of Fame members enshrined including Zane Grey, Ernest Hemingway, Curt Gowdy, Ted Williams, Lee and Joan Wulff, Michael and Helen Lerner, Philip Wylie, Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Johnny Morris, Don Tyson and Stu Apte.

Tickets, a few are remaining, are $200 and include the cocktail reception beginning at 6 p.m.; silent auction (with items from Hall of Famers including books, artwork, trips and more), dinner and the induction ceremony in the Greats Hall beginning at 7:30 p.m. Special sponsorships and sponsor tables are available.  For reservation information contact Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or via e-mail: larico@igfa.org

(EDITOR: To schedule an interview with any of the five honorees you may contact Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or larico@igfa.org, or Pete Johnson, IGFA PR counsel at 480-951-3654 or johnsoncom@aol.com Head shot photos of each of the five inductees are available upon request).

Free IGFA School of Sportfishing classes at Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show


Something new is happening at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show beginning October 28 as anglers will be able to pick up hot tips and tricks from some of the most experienced fishermen on the water at 16 “mini sessions” hosted by the IGFA’s highly acclaimed School of Sportfishing         Presented by IMTRA Marine Products, the mini-sessions on eight different subjects will be held on site with some of South Florida’s best captains and professional anglers throughout the boat show.     

The eight featured IGFA School of Sportfishing captains and instructors will include Karl Anderson, Jamie Bunn, Josh Brown, Tony DiGiulian, Mike Holliday, Rick Murphy, Ray Rosher, and Bouncer Smith.

            Here are the dates, times, instructors and session topics:

·     Thursday, October 28

11 a.m. – Capt. Tony DiGiulian – Fundamentals of Sportfishing

1 p.m. – Capt Jamie Bunn – Kingfish/Sailfish Tactics

3 p.m. – Capt. Josh Brown – Dolphin/Wahoo Tactics

5 p.m. – Capt. Ray Rosher – Sailfish/Dolphin Tactics


·     Friday, October 29

11 a.m. – Capt. Bouncer Smith – Swordfish Strategies

1 p.m. – Capt. Mike Holliday – Inshore Snook/Trout/Tarpon Tactics

3 p.m. – Capt. Karl Anderson – Marlin/Tuna Strategies

5 p.m. – Capt. Ray Rosher – Sailfish/Dolphin Tactics


·     Saturday, October 30

11 a.m. – Capt. Tony DiGiulian– Fundamentals of Sportfishing

1 p.m. – Capt. Mike Holliday– Inshore Snook/Trout/Tarpon Tactics

3 p.m. – Capt Rick Murphy – Mastering the Flats

5 p.m. – Capt Karl Anderson– Marlin/Tuna Strategies


·     Sunday, October 31

11 a.m. – Capt. Bouncer Smith– Swordfish Strategies

1 p.m. – Capt. Jamie Bunn – Kingfish/Sailfish Tactics

3 p.m. – Capt. Rick Murphy– Mastering the Flats

5 p.m. – Capt. Josh Brown– Dolphin/Wahoo Tactics


            For more go to: http://www.igfa.org/Educate/Boat-Show-Instructor-Bios.aspx

 The seminars will take place in the southwest corner of convention center site.  All of the sessions are free after purchasing a ticket to the show long renowned for being the world's largest event of its kind, featuring more than three billion dollars worth of boats, yachts, super yachts, electronics, engines, and thousands of boating accessories from every major marine manufacturer and boat builder worldwide.

The 51st edition of the show will take place October 28 - November 1, and cover more than three million square feet of space, both on land and in the water.

October Hot Catches

In the June edition of the IGFA Hot News we reported about the February 5th catch and release of a huge 113.5 kg (250 lb 3 oz) wels that stirred the pens of writers throughout Europe and beyond, while earning the Italian angler whocaught it an IGFA All-Tackle World Record.  Then just a month later to the amazement of the many avid anglers on the European continent, another giant wels was caught and released. That catch leads off this edition of the Hot Catches including updates from IGFA World Records Coordinator Jack Vitek of other pending records from Australia, Panama, Canada, Sweden and the U.S.

Here’s another remarkable catch and release. Trading his Southern Hemisphere winter to fly fish in a Northern Hemisphere summer, Frank Bluch of Corio Victoria, Australia, landed a monster lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) August 7, on Great Bear Lake, in Canada’s NW Territories. Using ultra thin 1 kg (2 lb) tippet Bluch fought the 13.83 kg (30 lb 8 oz) lake trout for over four hours after it hit his white dumbell strip tease fly.  Great angling by Bluch, and boatmenship by guide Captain Mike Harrison, can be credited for this amazing catch and potential fly record. To make the story even sweeter, the fish was released alive after being weighed and photographed. The current IGFA record is 6.12 kg (13 lb 8 oz) caught in 1986 from Yukon Canada’s, Wellesley Lake.  (Photo – lake trout – 36248)

Two IGFA World Records might be going to junior angler Maximilian Hampl of Cartago, Costa Rica, for a single fish he caught on July 19. While fishing Boca Chica, Panama, guided by Captain Antonio Isaza, Hampl landed a beautiful 13.4 kg (29 lb 8 oz) mullet snapper (Lutjanus aratus) using a live blue runner for bait. Ten minutes after the fish hit, Hampl had the fish in the boat and was qualified for both the men’s 15 kg (30 lb) line class record and the male junior record. The current IGFA line class record is 13.23 kg (29 lb 3 oz) recorded in 2006 in David, Panama. (Photo – mullet snapper – 36289)

Using just a bread ball for bait, Pamela J. Henry of Stuart, Florida, USA, landed a blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) on August 31, while fishing the Florida’s South Fork River. She needed six minutes to land the 4.25 kg (9 lb 6 oz) potential IGFA All-Tackle record fish. The current IGFA record is 4.08 kg (9 lb 0 oz) caught in 2003 in Kissimmee, Fla. (Photo – blue tilapia – 36239)

Andres Fanjul of Palm Beach, Florida, USA, guided by Captain Douglass Heaton II, landed a potential All-Tackle roundscale spearfish (Tetrapturus georgii) on August 20, fishing the Baltimore Canyon, off Maryland, USA. Captain Heaton II was trolling naked ballyhoo when the 31.75 kg (70 lb 0 oz) spear came into the spread. Fanjul battled the fish to the boat 30 minutes later for a potential new IGFA All-Tackle billfish record. The current IGFA record is 31.2 kg. (68 lb 12 oz) caught in 2008 in Olhao, Portugal. (Photo – roundscale spearfish – 36262)

Angler Fiona Stallard, of Perth, Western Australia, guided by Captain Adrian Watt, landed a 21 kg (46 lb 4 oz) wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) on August 30, to qualify for the IGFA women’s 3 kg (6 lb) line class record. Captain Watt was pulling a Halco Lazer Pro 160 when the toothy critter hit Stallard’s line. Less than a half hour later the fish was on board and the boat was headed to the weigh station. The current IGFA record is 13.18 kg (29 lb 0 oz), caught in 2002 from Huon Gulf, Papua New Guinea. (Photo - wahoo – 36263)

Fishing this summer in Seward, Alaska, USA, junior angler Jace Heller of Seal Beach, California, USA, guided by IGFA Certified Captain Andy Mezirow, landed a yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) weighing 12.7 kg (28 lb 0 oz). The fish hit a herring being fished on the bottom and was landed in 20 minutes on August 27, qualifying Jace for a new male IGFA Junior record. The current IGFA record is 9.97 kg (22 lb 0 oz) caught in Waterfall Resort, Alaska, USA in 2001. (Photo – yelloweye rockfish – 36266)

Danish angler Frank Jensen of Aabyhoej, landed a beautiful 11.2 kg (24 lb 11 oz) Atlantic salmon (landlocked) (Salmo salar) on June 25, while fishing Klaralv, Sweden. Jensen was using a nors flue for bait and needed 45 minutes to land the potential new IGFA All-Tackle record. The current IGFA record pulled from Lake Vaernern, Djoroe, Sweden in 2002, is 10.76 kg (23 lb 11 oz).  (Photo – Atlantic salmon - landlocked – 36269)

On July 11 of this past summer young small fry angler Jazmine Olivia Evans, of Melfa, Virginia, USA, guided by her father Capt. Wayne Evans, landed a 24.21 kg (53 lb 6 oz) bluefin tuna (Thunnus Thynnus).  They were fishing out of Sams Hill, Virginia, trolling a Seawitch skirted ballyhoo when the bluefin hit her line. About 30 minutes later, Jazmine had the fish in the boat and a new potential female IGFA Smallfry record. The current IGFA record is 18.03 kg (39 lb 12 oz) caught July 2009, Wachapreage, Virginia.  (Photo – bluefin tuna – 36265)

Through art IGFA Rep helping Laos community build school


            When a fishing expedition took him through the under-developed Hmong village in Laos, Thailand IGFA Representative Jean-Francois Helias was struck by the community’s desperate need for a new school building.

            Combining his love of fishing with his desire to help the local villagers, Helias has organized an opportunity to connect art lovers with the beautiful indigenous needlework of the Hmong people while raising the funds to finish their much-needed school building. For centuries, the Hmong women have practiced paj ntaub, an elegant, colorful fiber art produced entirely by hand.

            Helias has commissioned a unique series of 27” x 21” paj ntaub panels which feature Thailand’s primary game fish: snakehead species, arapaima, Siamese giant carp, and Jullien's golden price carp. Priced between US $100 - $165, the proceeds from the sales of these pieces will fund the completion of the Hmong school building. To learn more and order your panel, contact Helias at fishasia@ksc.th.com.

New $15 annual IGFA E-memberships now available

Do you love fishing? Do you find yourself reading more materials, magazines or books online?  Hey, we have the perfect membership for you.

The International Game Fish Association has introduced a new online e-membership making all of its members-only content available electronically at a discounted introductory price of just $15 (US). This low cost web-only membership offers the same benefits as a traditional membership in a digital format including:

  • Access to International Angler newsletter online
  • Access to World Record Game Fishes book online
  • Online access to world records
  • Discounted world record application - $40
  • Discounted scale certifications - $30
  • Unlimited free entry into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum
  • 10% Discount on IGFA gift shop purchases
  • Invitations to upcoming events
  • The latest angling and record-seeking news via email and online

            Regularly priced at $20, the e-membership will be available for only $15 during this introductory offer. 

            To become an IGFA e-member today and to save, sign up online at www.igfa.org/members and begin enjoying your benefits now. For questions or further information, please contact IGFA Membership at 954-927-2628 or email HQ@igfa.org.

IGFA Education and Outreach part of Trailblazer Adventure Day


            The IGFA Outreach Education Program will be teaming up with the South Florida Council BSA and U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance for the Trailblazer Adventure Day on Saturday, October 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Plantation Heritage Park in Plantation, Florida,

            This all outdoor event highlights outdoor activities such as shooting, archery, angling, fly fishing, trapper education and general outdoorsmen skills.  There will be concessions on hand for food and drink.

            The IGFA Outreach Program will be on hand to teach participants about various angling skills including bait rigging, knot tying, casting, ethical angling and proper fish handling. This event attracts over 1,000 participants each year and provides fun for the whole family.

            For more information on the event or to sign up as a volunteer, please contact the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation at trailblazer@ussportsmens.org.

New IGFA Junior Angler website; Fish, Explore, Discover, Learn


       Youngsters can now fish the IGFA website – completely free of charge on a wide array of fishing and marine subjects the world over – with its new Junior Angler program entitled “Fish, Explore, Discover, Learn.”   

         The International Game Fish Association launched its new Junior Angler program this summer with a brand new website full of pro fishing tips and tricks, species identifications, biological information on marine and aquatic animals, games, contests, photo galleries and videos.

         The IGFA’s Junior Angler and Smallfry World Records are also featured – and every child has the opportunity to brag about their catches, record or otherwise.

         “The overall goal and mission of the IGFA’s Junior Angler Program is to get more kids actively involved in recreational fishing activities,” said IGFA Education Director David Matagiese. “By transitioning our Junior Angler Program into a free online membership format, thousands of children all over the world will be able to share photos and fishing stories with each other – connecting young anglers across lakes, streams and oceans globally.”

       The Junior Angler page is accessible from www.igfa.org under the “Educate” tab.

       Indeed, being free, digital and interactive are key new features of the IGFA’s new Junior Angler program. Hoping to reach as many youths as possible, and with the support of Mercury Marine, Critter Control, Costa Del Mar, Rapala and TakeMeFishing.org, the IGFA is providing their wealth of resources to kids in a safe and easily-accessible venue and without charging a fee – a price point parents will appreciate. Another winning point with parents is the Junior Angler website’s designation as a SafeSite, which means each child’s information and experience is completely protected while he or she is online.

         New Junior Angler members will also still receive many of the same great benefits they had in the past including free admission to the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, discounts in the IGFA online store, free access to all of the IGFA Junior Angler World Records and much more. Combined with all the activities available on the website, the IGFA is offering plenty of ways to keep kids engaged in fishing all year long – and all for free.

Here’s your chance to win a David Wirth Circle Hook Pendant

         The IGFA and world renowned marine wildlife artist, IGFA Representative and Corporate Sponsor, David Wirth, have teamed up to provide new IGFA Junior Angler Members with yet another reason to join.

         Each new member who registers to become an IGFA Junior Angler automatically is entered in a monthly drawing to win a Bone Hawaiian Style Circle Hook Pendant that David brings from Maui. A total of five hook pendants will be given away each month as winners are randomly selected.

         The drawings are held monthly and will continue each month through July 31, 2011 or while supplies last. To find out more about David Wirth and his marine artwork as well as the story behind the Hawaiian Style Circle Hooks, check out www.davidwirth.com.

IGFA accepting grant requests for school lab programs

       Are you a school teacher or administrator in South Florida interested in getting your students involved in a rewarding marine sciences program?

        The IGFA Education and Outreach Program is currently accepting grant requests for school groups in grades K-12 to participate in their hands-on lab programs.

        Funds are available for groups to participate in the lab programs either on-site at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Florida or the IGFA Education Team can come to your classroom to host many of the educational lab programs at your school. Priority for funding is given to Title-I schools. South Florida based programs are available from Monday-Friday during school hours and require a minimum of 20 participants. Funding is also available for schools not located within the South Florida area but programs must meet certain criteria.

        Programs are available from Monday - Friday during school hours and require a minimum of 20 participants. For more information on how your school group can participate in these marine science programs for free, please contact Veronica Woods at 954-924-4309 or email at vwoods@igfa.org.

---Art at the IGFA Museum--- 


Coming Oct. 22, to the Changing Gallery “Marc Montocchio: A Life in the Sea”

An exhibition of photographs by internationally known underwater photographer Marc Montocchio opens October 22, 2010.  Unlike ordinary ink on paper photos, Montocchio’s photographs are produced as dye-sublimation prints on sheets of highly polished aluminum, giving the images a brilliant, high-definition effect.  Born and reared in South Africa, and now living in Morehead City, N.C., USA, Montocchio’s work has taken him on expeditions all over the world, producing cutting-edge photographs of ocean life.  The beauty and intimate nature of the work will have broad appeal for anyone who loves marine life and has an interest in its conservation.  Montocchio’s work will be on display in the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum Changing Gallery through April 2011.  For more information visit www.occhioinc.com


 Now In the Art Gallery; The FunkyFishArt of David Roehm.

     David Roehm (pronounced REEM) was born and raised in Broward County, Florida and is the creator of Funkyfishart.com.  He draws inspiration from fishing and snorkeling off the coast and inland waterways of South Florida and the Keys.  Many of the quaint old bars, hangouts and fishing spots now gone are depicted in Dave's artistry, but they are not all done on the usual canvas. He specializes in decorating unusual items such as fire hydrants and wood sculptures.  David Roehm's colorful and whimsical FunkyFishArt will be on display through Spring 2011 in the Art Gallery at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum.

Popular IGFA School of Sportfishing has returned with fall classes


        The IGFA’s popular School of Sportfishing, brought to anglers by Mercury Marine is underway with its 16th session of diverse classes and an all-star lineup of instructors.  

        The IGFA’s school continues to grow each year in popularity based on the on-the-water success of the anglers attending past sessions.

        “Anglers who have taken previous classes continue to report greatly improved catch ratios after putting their newly gained knowledge to practice on the water,” said IGFA Education Director Dave Matagiese. “We continue to hear excellent feedback from past students on how they’ve become more efficient in finding fish faster and making each strike count.”

            Here’s a topic list with course titles, dates, descriptions and instructors:

·    Bottom Fishing Wrecks and Reefs – Tuesday, October 19, 2010:  If you have ever had a slow day trolling and wished for some serious rod bending action, then this is the class for you. Techniques for snapper and grouper are just some of what you will learn. Taught by Capt. Bouncer Smith

·    Successful Swordfishing – Tuesday, November 2, 2010:  From tackle to location, find out everything you need to know to make your next swordfish trip a huge success. Taught by legendary Capt. Bouncer Smith you’ll learn hands-on squid rigging and inside information from one of South Florida’s best swordfishermen.

·    Kite Fishing Techniques – Tuesday, November 9, 2010:  One of the easiest ways to catch more fish is with a kite. This class will touch on the basics but also introduce more advanced techniques with the kite fishing system. Learn to target several different species with this ancient method of enticing fish to bite.  Taught by Capt. Bouncer Smith.

·    Trophy Snook and Tarpon – Tuesday, November 16, 2010:  From the backcountry to the beaches, learn how to successfully target and find monster snook and tarpon.  Snook to 30 lbs and tarpon to 200lbs, these are the fish that will test your gear and your nerve.  You’ll want to have a good camera to back up your stories.  Taught by Capt. Mike Holliday.

·    Understanding Your Onboard Electronics – Tuesday, November 23, 2010:  Today's marine electronics are capable of some amazing things if you know how to properly utilize them. Learn some new tricks for making yourself a more efficient angler as we show you how to make your electronics work for you.  Taught by Capt. Karl Anderson.

·    Wintertime Wahoo – Tuesday, December 7, 2010:  Due to their somewhat nomadic and loner nature, wahoo are most often considered incidental catches. This class will teach anglers how to target and more consistently catch wahoo in the cooler months of the year.  Taught by Capt. Josh Brown.

·    Advanced Big Game Trolling Techniques – Tuesday, December 14, 2010:  Ever wonder why some boats catch more big game fish like blue marlin than others? Get the inside knowledge on how to get the most out of your trolling time. Learn many secrets that took years of trial and error to perfect. For the serious Big Game fisherman.  Taught by Capt. Tony DiGiulian.

IGFA Education Coordinator Jeff Mackin said each of the classes is limited to the first 24 anglers to sign up and held Tuesday nights from 7 – 10 p.m. at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum in Dania Beach, Florida

The cost is $100 for IGFA members and $150 for non-members per class.  For more information please contact Mackin at 954-924-4340 or via JMackin@igfa.org, or on the IGFA website at http://igfa.org/educate/School-of-Sportfishing.aspx.  

Coming in November: The IGFA online Auction


       The IGFA’s biggest fundraising event of the year, the IGFA Auction & Banquet, is coming January 28, 2011, with more than 200 silent and live auction items up for bid. 

       Donations of trips, cruises, artwork, fishing gear and much more in all price ranges are arriving each day at the IGFA headquarters.

       And even if you can’t make it to the 27th annual event again held at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., USA, you’ll still have a chance to bid on an impressive array of items.

       Beginning the first week of November the auction will be featured on the IGFA website www.igfa.org when the popular on-line portion of the auction begins. 

            Find out more in the November edition of the IGFA Hot News.

“Did You Know?” – Interesting facts from the IGFA

Recreational Fishery Sectors

·                     The ocean sunfish can be 10 feet in length and weigh over 3,000 pounds.1


  • The largest bivalve mollusk is the giant clam, Tridacna gigas, native to the Indo-Pacific, which reaches a weight of 500 pounds and can be up to 4 feet across.  It has an average lifespan of 100 years old and is considered endangered. 1


  • The most expensive fishing lure is a $1 million big game fishing lure which is 12 inches long and made of over 3 pounds of gold and platinum and encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies (4,753 stones).  It was used in a fishing tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2006 and they can be purchased from MacDaddy’s Fishing Lures for $1,000,000. 2


  • Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing catches are estimated to be about 11-26 million tonnes, which is about 13-31% of the reported landings in the 1990’s.  This equals an approximate loss in landed value of $10-23.5 billion dollars annually.



     FAO/UNEP Expert meeting on impacts of destructive fishing practices, unsustainable fishing, and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing on marine biodiversity and habitats. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Report No. 932. Rome, 23–25 September 2009

 CCA Dade chapter banquet

Some of the items include:


Kona Hawaii
A 7 night vacation at the beautiful Waikoloa Beach Resort by Hilton Grand Vacations in Kona, Hawaii. This exotic resort is a golfer’s paridise and features a spacious two bedroom suite with full kitchen and private lanai.  This trip also includes a full day of incredible offshore fishing on the “Northern Lights” with Captain Kevin Nakamaru, considered one of the best big game captains in Hawaii.  www.fishingnorthernlights.com 


Twin New Yamaha 4-Stroke Outboards

If you are looking to repower you boat, We will have new Yamaha outboards on the auction block thanks to Yamaha, CCA Florida’s Official Outboard Motor Sponsor.


Aqua Adventures – Panama

Your trip for two anglers includes 3 full days of fishing aboard a 37’ Deep Sport, 2 nights’ accommodations at the 5-star luxury Veneto Wyndham Hotel and Casino, VIP airport pickup & ground transportation to the hotel, airfare from Panama City to the lodge, and 4 nights’ accommodations, meals and open bar at the lodge. You'll have plenty of time, three full days on the water, to land the fish of a lifetime!


Abaco Beach Resort - 3 Nights / 4 Days Bahamas Out Island Getaway!

Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour is the premier resort destination in the Out Islands of the Bahamas.  Your trip for two includes 3 Nights / 4 Days – Oceanfront accommodations and boat dockage, including guest room tax and surcharge.


Marine Artist Carey Chen Paintings

Marine artist Carey Chen will be emblishing some of his finest Geclee’s with original paint the night of the banquet.  Carey’s artwork is well known and this is your opportunity to have a piece that is unlike any you can find anywhere.  Carey will also personalize the back of the piece for you at the banquet.


Argentina Dove Hunt for Four People

Four lucky hunters will enjoy three days of high volume dove hunting and world class accommodations in Cordoba, Argentina. You will hunt a half-day the day you arrive, two full days, and a half-day on the day that you depart. You will also enjoy three nights’ accommodations in the most luxurious lodges in Cordoba. Your stay at one of our three private Estancias includes gourmet meals, top shelf open bar, bird boys, English speaking guides, customs clearing and all ground transportation from Cordoba airport.


Nebraska Pheasant Hunt for Two

Located in the scenic Loess Hills of eastern Nebraska sits the premier hunt club and kennel of the Midwest, nature's own paradise, and pheasant bonanza. This trip for two has it all:  On day one you will be picked up at the airport and taken directly to the lodge. Once there you can begin to unwind over dinner and hone your skills with a round of clays. Day 2 begins with a hearty breakfast and then you are off for the hunt, which includes 6 birds per person. Once back at the lodge you will have lunch followed by another round of clays and a great dinner. Day 3 includes your second hunt and lunch before you are escorted back to the airport for the trip home. All hunts are guided and include dogs trained on site at their Orvis endorsed dog training program! Courtesy of Pheasant Bonanza.


Sailfish Bay Lodge, Guatemala for Two

The resort consists of 8 beachfront, air-conditioned bedrooms with private baths, Outdoor bar, Swimming pool and Jacuzzi overlooking the Pacific ocean and Restaurant/Dining area.  You will enjoy breakfasts consisting of fresh fruit, cereal, pancakes and eggs cooked to order, fresh roasted Guatemalan coffee and freshly squeezed orange or pineapple juice. In the evening, your chef will prepare fresh fish on the grill, jumbo shrimp, and delicious soups. They also offer chicken, pork and beef dishes. The open bar features several local beers, national liquors and wine.  Your trip for two includes 3 nights’ accommodations, two days fishing, 3 meals a day, open bar and all ground transfers


Zulu Nyala African Photo Safari

Zulu Nyala Heritage Safari Lodge in beautiful South Africa (approximately 170km north of Johannesburg), invites you and a guest to experience an adventure of a lifetime. You and your guest will enjoy 6 days and 6 nights in the heart of Africa’s Zululand conservation region, one of the richest conservation regions in Africa. Your trip includes 6 nights accommodations, 3 meals per day, and two game viewing activities per day guided by professional game rangers in open game viewing vehicles on the Zulu Nyala Game Preserve. You will enjoy the sights of Africa as well as Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Giraffe, Buffalo, Hippo, Nyala and many more species of plains game. Your luxurious accommodations include wide verandas, cool lounges, and sparkling swimming pools that make being “in camp” a relaxing and pleasurable experience.


Hell’s Bay Boatworks – Skate

The Skate is the newest model in a lineup of the best shallow water skiffs on the planet. Hell’s Bay has set the shallow water angling standard for excellence and performance; the Skate™ continues this tradition as the benchmark against which all other skiffs are measured. Your Skate comes complete with a 15 HP Yamaha 2 stroke motor, 6 gallon powder coated baffled aluminum fuel tank, poling tower, quiet and dry hatches with rubber gaskets, custom aluminum trailer w/ spare tire, aluminum wheels and radial tires and much more.


Tickets to the banquet are limited so make your reservations before they are sold out.  Please call Jerry McGinley at 305-371-3835 or Scott Nichols at 561-628-0335 to reserve your seat today.  A copy of the banquet invitation that has all the details of the banquet is included as an attachment to this email.  Tickets will not be available at the door since we have to give a final head count to the facility prior to the event.


IGFA now has an iPhone App

loaded with great features

Have IGFA World Records, fish IDs and so much more at your fingertips

DANIA BEACH, Fla., USA -- You’re still reeling from your fish fight and the one you just brought to the boat is definitely your biggest yet – but is it an IGFA World Record?  How will you weigh it, and how will you share the moment with your buddies back on land?

Finally, the IGFA has an iPhone app anglers have been asking for. The IGFA Mobile App will amaze your friends and inspire your fishing adventures with all the knowledge you’ll have at your fingertips. You can quickly identify your catches with stunning full-color images, then search for vacant, pending, and standing IGFA World Records, all from this amazing app.

Even if your fish is a pound shy of a record, this app has plenty of functions for every angler. From planning your next trip to tracking your IGFA Slam Club progress to sharing your catches with family and friends, the IGFA Mobile has you covered.

            Check out some of its many features:

World Record Database - Want to know how your catch measures up to the world’s greatest? The app is automatically updated with the latest records on over 1100 species when it is opened and connected to a cellular or wi-fi connection. Great for comparing what you’ve hooked – or planning to fill a vacant record. It’s an IGFA exclusive.

  IGFA Species ID - Along with marine artists Diane Rome Peebles’ and Duane Ravers’ incredible full-color images of every record game species, the ID descriptions include extensive reference material from the IGFA including thorough habitat information, geographic distribution and anatomy and it’s only available from the experts at the IGFA.

  My Catches - Take a photo (iPhone 3Gs or 4) of the monster fish you land, enter the details of your fight and upload to Facebook or email with one easy step. On the iPhone or iPad, GPS functions will automatically record the location of your catches as you log them.

  Quest List – This is for anglers on a mission. Track your progress towards your next IGFA Weight Club (for bass, snook, or bonefish) or IGFA Slam Club. You can also create your own customizable quest.

  IGFA Weigh Stations - Do you think your catch is close to the current record? One quick tap and you’ll know how close you are to an official IGFA Weigh Station, with maps to help you get there, and it’s also an IGFA exclusive.

  Trip Planning List - A successful angler is a prepared angler, and using your list will give you the best shot of having a great day on the water.

  IGFA Rules - Make sure your catch counts every time. Consult the IGFA International Angling Rules – for both conventional and flyrod – to make sure your next catch won’t be disqualified and it’s only available from the IGFA.

So what’s the cost for all of these great benefits that the IGFA iPhone Mobile App? It’s just a one time charge at the introductory price of $8.99. And it also works on the iPad too.

Go to http://www.igfa.org/Fish/IGFA-Mobile.aspx to learn more on this great fishing advancement.

 IGFA PR counsel - Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications,

             Scottsdale, Ariz., USA -- 480-951-3654 (ph) -- JohnsonCom@aol.com

(photo captions:  Here’s a sample of three of the new IGFA Mobile iPhone screens: main menu selection, world records database at your fingertips and species ID)


January 2009 Florida Keys Fishing News

FWC records high counts during statewide manatee survey

A team of scientists counted an all-time-high number of manatees during the annual manatee synoptic survey conducted the week of Jan. 19. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) reported a preliminary count of 3,807 manatees statewide. A team of 21 observers from nine organizations counted 2,153 manatees on Florida’s East Coast and 1,654 on the West Coast of the state.

This year’s count exceeded the previous high count from 2001 by more than 500 animals. In both years, survey conditions were favorable for aerial observations. Although synoptic results are not population estimates and should not be used to assess trends, the FWC is encouraged by this year’s high count. Survey results are consistent with population models that show the manatee population appears to be increasing in Northwest Florida, along the Atlantic Coast and on the upper St. Johns River.

The synoptic survey is a count of manatees over a broad area. The survey provides researchers with a snapshot of manatee distribution and a minimum number of manatees in Florida waters at the time of the count.

Researchers have been conducting synoptic surveys since 1991, weather permitting, to meet the state’s requirement for an annual count of manatees in Florida waters. Weather and manatee behavior affect synoptic survey counts. The best conditions for the synoptic survey occur during the coldest months of the year, when manatees gather at warm-water sites.

“Several cold fronts passed through Florida over a short time period, causing a large number of manatees to move to warm-water sites,” said FWRI biologist Holly Edwards. “Good weather conditions allowed the manatees to be easily seen and counted, contributing to this year’s high count.”

FWRI researchers are testing new survey methods that will provide a population estimate for Florida manatees as outlined in the FWC’s manatee management plan. The adjustments to the survey will help achieve more accurate results and reduce dependency on the weather.

For more information about manatees and synoptic surveys, visit http://research.MyFWC.com.

To report a dead or injured manatee, call the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC.

Boaters, anglers oppose saltwater fishing license

 The coalition of boating and fishing groups is fighting a proposal by New York Gov. David Paterson that would require saltwater anglers to buy a $19 saltwater license ($40 for out-of-state anglers) before casting a line in New York coastal waters.

The requirement, they say, would hurt marinas, tackle shops and marine dealers, most of which are already suffering from a decline in business.

This proposal is in addition to a proposed luxury tax on all boats costing more than $200,000, an increase in marina fees, an increase in state park fees, and a lifting of the cap on state fuel taxes.

"We're outraged that the governor would recommend not one but five new or increased taxes targeting fishermen, boaters and the $1 billion New York recreational fishing industry. We're experiencing an unprecedented downturn in fishing activity. Even fishing from the shore will be an expensive outing under this tax plan," said Jim Donofrio, executive director of Recreational Fishing Alliance, in a statement.

Joining in RFA's opposition is a coalition comprising the National Marine Manufacturers Association, New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association, United Boatmen of New York, and the New York Marine Trades Association.

The new coalition is calling itself Save Boating and Fishing Jobs in New York.

Recreational fishing in New York created $812 million in sales, directly supported 5,365 jobs, and provided $424 million in value-added economic impact and $126 million in tax revenue, according to a 2006 National Marine Fisheries Service study.

Manufacturers offer boat show promotions

Retail promotions abound this boat-show season, with two more manufacturers offering special incentives.

Suzuki Marine is offering its Gimme 6! sales promotion. Consumers buying a new Suzuki 4-stroke outboard from 40- to 300-hp between Jan. 1 and March 31, can get the engine maker’s standard three-year limited warranty plus three years of Suzuki Extended Protection at no extra charge, or they can receive a cash rebate of up to $500.The extended warranty offer applies to repower and new boat purchases (for non-commercial use only).

Godfrey Marine is teaming up with BRP to offer special incentives for consumers who purchase a Sanpan, Aqua Patio, Sweetwater, Parti Kraft, Hurricane, Hurricane Fishing Series, Polar and Polar Kraft boats packaged with an Evinrude E-TEC outboard.The sales promotion offers the consumer a 5-year BRP factory-backed warranty and a special low consumer financing program. The promotion runs Jan. 1 through April 15 for new, unused 2009 model year and earlier Evinrude E-TEC engines 40-hp and above

Century’s 2350DC wins design award     

Century Boat Co. of Panama City, Fla., won a 2009 Excellence in Design award from Trailer Boats magazine for its 2350DC dual console.  According to the magazine, “Dual console models must function as both big-water sportfishers and family boats. The trick is to make it work well in both roles, and Century has succeeded with the 2350DC.”  The article goes on to note, “Though serious anglers may scoff, this is one fishing machine you can enjoy with the whole family. And isn’t that what life is all about?”

New Way to Afford Luxury

Quartershare Yachts International has launched a program offering 25 percent ownership in a luxury yacht. Quartershare owners will have the ability to use their boat or an identical vessel in the fleet for 10 calendar weeks per year. Owners also pay 25 percent of the fixed operating costs.  “A $4 million boat suddenly costs $1 million, a $10 million vessel now costs $2.5 million and a $40 million yacht costs $10 million. The owners do nothing except enjoy their time on board while retaining the asset benefits of ownership.” Quartershare president and co-founder Andy Kimbel said in a statement.  Quartershare Yachts plans on hiring crews and customer services representatives in order to staff vessels and operational hubs in early 2009.

Five Year Extended Warranty Offered for Tohatsu

Tohatsu America Corp., distributor of Tohatsu and Nissan Marine outboards, is offering an extended five-year limited warranty on any new, unregistered 2008-09 model year engine from 25 to 115 hp sold between Jan. 1 and April 15 at no cost to the consumer or dealer. The five-year limited warranty will extend the third-year coverage from Tohatsu America’s standard warranty.  Engines must be registered by April 30. Those used in commercial, government, guide or racing applications are ineligible.

Yamaha halts production at 11 plants

Yamaha Motor Company plans to temporarily stop production at 11 facilities worldwide because of the soft market. It was not specified which facilities would be affected.  The company said production would stop for seven to 10 days in February and March at plants that manufacture marine products, as well as those that make motorcycles, recreational vehicles and parts.  Yamaha is based in Japan, with Yamaha Motor Corp. USA headquartered in Kennesaw, Ga.

New Economic Report Finds Commercial and Recreational Saltwater Fishing Generated More Than Two Million Jobs

U.S. commercial and recreational saltwater fishing generated more than $185 billion in sales and supported more than two million jobs in 2006, according to a new economic report released by NOAA Fisheries Service. The commercial fishing industry - harvesters, seafood processors and dealers, seafood wholesalers and seafood retailers - generated $103 billion in sales, $44 billion in income and supported 1.5 million jobs in 2006, the most recent year included in the report. Recreational fishing generated $82 billion in sales, $24 billion in income, and supported 534,000 jobs in 2006.

The report breaks down the sales, income and job figures for each coastal state. It also includes descriptive statistics on commercial fish landings, revenue, and price trends; recreational fishing effort, catch, and participation rates; and employer and non-employer establishments, annual payroll, and annual receipt information for fishing-related industries such as seafood retailers and ship and boat building.

Atlantic Coast - Snapper-Grouper Amendment Addresses Overfishing

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has submitted Amendment 16 to the Fishery Management Plan for the Snapper-Grouper Fishery of the South Atlantic Region for review by NOAA. Amendment 16 was developed to address overfishing in the snapper-grouper fishery. It would establish management reference points and specify interim allocations for the commercial and recreational sectors for gag and vermilion snapper, and implement management measures in the commercial and recreational sectors of the snapper-grouper fishery. These measures include: a four-month spawning season closure of the recreational and commercial shallow water grouper fisheries; a five-month closure of the recreational vermilion snapper fishery; commercial quotas for gag and vermilion snapper; a reduced recreational grouper aggregate bag limit (including tilefish) and vermilion snapper bag limit; and a requirement to use dehooking and venting tools to reduce bycatch mortality of snapper-grouper species.

Comments must be received by 5pm on February 23, 2009. For more information, read the Federal Register notice or contact John McGovern at (727) 824-5305.

 Judge lets ethanol suit move forward

 District Court judge in southern Florida recently denied a request to dismiss a lawsuit regarding the damage that gasoline blended with ethanol does to boat engines and fuel tanks. The suit was filed last August by The Kopelowitz Ostrow law firm on behalf of clients Erick Kelesceny, John Egizi and Todd Jessup, all Florida residents. Defendants in the case are Exxon, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, BP and Shell.  The suit alleges that the oil companies failed to warn boat owners that ethanol-blended gasoline may destroy fiberglass tanks and tends to absorb water and phase separate, which could cause damage to any boat, regardless of its fuel tank material.

The next step following this week’s ruling is pursuing certification to become a class-action lawsuit, according to a report in the Naples News. If successful, the oil companies will be forced to place a warning label on pumps at all Florida gas stations. The plaintiffs also seek compensation for Florida boat owners whose boats have been damaged by the fuel. "Denial of the motion is a significant step toward redressing the wrong perpetrated on Florida's boating population," said TKO managing partner Jeffrey Ostrow, in a statement. "Florida is the boating capital of the world, and it is reprehensible for oil companies to enjoy significant profits while knowingly paralyzing Florida's boaters."

Everglades National Park - Fuel now available at Flamingo

Everglades National Park announced that Everglades National Park Boat Tours (ENPBT) was awarded the commercial services contract for the Flamingo area of the park as of December 23, 2008.   ENPBT will continue providing commercial services in the Gulf Coast area of the park. During the transition at Flamingo some services were disrupted that are now available: The Marina Store is fully operational for both cash and credit sales. Fuel sales have resumed Canoe and skiff rentals are available Whitewater Bay boat tours are operating Call the concessionaire for tour schedules and reservations at 239-695-3101 Call park headquarters if you have any general questions 305-242-7700

Historic Nike Missile Base Opens to the Public

HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA -- Superintendent Dan Kimball is pleased to announce that the National Park Service has opened the historic Nike Hercules Missile Base HM-69 located in Everglades National Park to the public for the first time since it was turned over to the park in 1979.

The park is offering guided tours of one of the best preserved relics of the Cold War in Florida. This significant historical site is physically the best overall example of the Nations missile defense system close to Cuba and remains virtually the same as it was when official use of the site was terminated in 1979.

This Missile Base was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1963 at the height of the Cold War, immediately following the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962. At a time when national security against Soviet attack was Americas main priority, the United States Army chose this strategic site within Everglades National Park, located 160 miles from the Cuban coast, to build a missile site.

The base was listed on the U. S. Department of the Interiors National

Register of Historic Places on July 27, 2004 as a Historic District. The

area includes 22 contributing buildings and structures associated with events that have made a significant contribution to American history and embodies distinctive characteristics of the period. Some of the structures that are part of the tour include three missile barns built to contain 41-foot missiles (some with nuclear warheads) a missile assembly building, a guard dog kennel, barracks, control centers within berms that served as blast protection, and a number of other features.

This base is one of four that were built in South Florida; one in north Key Largo (now Key Largo Hammocks State Park), one in Miramar (now a Publix shopping center), one that is now the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Krome Detention Center, and the site in Everglades National Park.

The interpretive tours will be held every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. through March 28, 2009. The tours are free but park entrance fees apply. In order to join the tour, please reserve a space by signing up at the parks Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center, or by calling 305-242-7700. Reservations will be taken up to 30 minutes before each tour. The Ernest Coe Visitor Center is located 9 miles southwest of Homestead on State Road 9336. Tours will be by car caravan. Participants must arrive in the park by 1:30 p.m. and be prepared to drive 14 miles round trip from the visitor center.


A Good Tale You Are Guaranteed to Enjoy

Hi everyone, this story was given to me by, Kirk Weisman, a 4 time a year return client of CVL.  Every time he comes down he wants to try to do something Unheard of.  Well, the picture of the fly and story is great for a chuckle and if anyone out there is a cell phone wizard the marlin with the $2.00 fly pictures on the phone.  Antonio is trying everything possible to get them off but it’s an older phone that you can’t download to a cpu.  I’m sure some one out there, somewhere could get those pictures off.  Anyway, below is the story and attached is your fly!  If any one has any comments or questions, please feel free to phone or email.

“They call me Senior Dos, I got that name from my friends at the Casa Veija Lodge.  First time I stayed at the lodge I showed up with 2 dollar bills to give as “Suerte” (good luck). I gave 2 dollar bills to fellow anglers at the lodge, employees and anyone that would take one.  And some people more than one bill.   Coincidentally I was given room # 2 which has stuck.  

Each time I returned to the lodge, I would continue with my 2 dollar bills and stay in room #2 as tradition for good luck.  If you look in the kitchen, Mama Loya tapped a 2 dollar bill above the stove.  There’s also a $2 bill tapped in Julian’s tip jar on the bar – 24/7.  AND Last year with Captain Mike Sheeder, amazingly, I released a sail on 2# tippet, hence, the name Senior Dos.   Not to mention the $2 bills showing up everywhere in the marina after I leave. 

Upon my arrival this trip I learned room #2 was occupied, I was not happy.  Antonio told me room #24 could be the new room #2.   Room #24 looked pretty good and was the closest room to the food, so OK.  While settling in my new room, I hear the sound of a drill on the door.  What I found when I stepped outside is that Antonio had removed the “4” from the door.  He did this so I would feel more at home in the new room #2. 

My first day of fishing, I released only 2 sails on the fly.  Capt Mike suggested that Flaco make a fly out of a $2 bill and tomorrow we will try releasing a sailfish with it.   At least it will make a great story.  And for my part in changing our luck, I decided to call my Rabbi on the satellite phone to ask him to pray for more fish.  I called the Rabbi a second time at the end of the day.  His question was:  do you want me to pray for size or amount?  I said both. 

The sea was angry that day my friend. 

For luck every day I got on the Intensity (the boat) I handed everyone $2 bills for their pockets, this day was no exception.  With the $2 tradition for luck and a new $2 bill fly, I planned to use the $2 fly on the second fish of the day.  So that morning, after releasing the first fish, we switched to the $2 fly that Flaco made, putting it on my 14 weight  Cam Sigler fly rod with 20 pound tippet.  While ready but waiting, I sat with Cap Mike.  A tragedy struck, my lucky coin fell from my pocket and bounced into the Pacific, “this is not good”.    Fortunately this turned out to be minor, because as luck goes maybe Manolo had saved us.   In the $2 tradition, a bill goes on the Intensity’s transom when we go out.  The wet bill sticks to the transom, but will eventually blow off into the sea.  This upsets Manolo, so this trip he carefully tied the bill with fishing line to the bottom of transom.   Each time the bill blew off; he would catch it and slap it back to the transom. Good job Manolo.

A little after 12 noon, up in the spread, comes a marlin. Captain Mike told me to cast out the marlin fly on the marlin rod.   As I cast out, the fly becomes tangled, the marlin hits it, I strike the fish and the fish spit out the tangled fly.   After many expletives coming from the bridge, Capt. Mike, yells out, “get the other rod.”  I make my cast, the marlin eats it and its game on!   About 2 minutes into the fight, everyone realizes it is the $2 fly I have on the marlin.  Lucky fish.  And approximately 45 minutes later, we released, tagged and billed the marlin, having recovered the $2 fly.   By the way, the blue marlin was about 200 pounds.   I think I will keep passing out my $2 bills for “mas suerte”.    Calling the Rabbi two times could not have hurt.   Just call me Senior Dos. 

Senior Dos

Aka Kirk Weisman                               

Tampa, FL”


The Rotary Club of Key West Proudly Presents the Seventh Annual
Key West Boat Show and Nautical Market at the Truman Waterfront, Key West.

The seventh annual free Key West Boat Show and Nautical Market is back and bigger than ever! It cranks up Friday, February 27th and goes to Sunday March 1st. The huge Truman Waterfront show will feature a large selection of new and used boats with some of the leading boat dealers in the Florida Keys. The quarter mile long nautical market will offer boaters and fishing enthusiasts everything from the latest marine equipment, rods and reels to arts and crafts, nautical clothing and accessories. Best deals of the year are to be had with total clearance of 2008 powerboats!

Great deals, fun, excitement and entertainment for the entire family with live music on the main stage and more, great food, cold beverages and ice cold beer all weekend long.
For the kids, the show will offer the "Fish Florida" rods and reels program which is providing 800 free rods, reels and tackle boxes. Kids will have the opportunity to participate in a 4 - part educational program: The Responsible Angler, Bait and Tackle, Knot Tying and Equipment, and Casting. After completing this short and fun program, our local youth will be given rods, reels and a tackle box and be shown how to cast from the waterfront.

100% of the proceeds from this event benefit the Rotary Club of Key West's scholarship fund, which distributed more than $40,000 scholarships last year between Key West High School and local grade schools.
If you're going: Bring the entire family, free admission to show, plenty of on-site parking, rods and reels for the kids (while supplies last). Live music and plenty of great food, cold beverages and ice cold beer all weekend.

Hours are: Friday, February 27th from noon till sunset, Saturday, February 28th from 9 am until 5 pm and Sunday, March 1st from 9 am until 3 pm.

Directions: From areas north, drive south on USÂ 1 and turn right onto North Roosevelt Blvd. as you enter Key West. Drive on Roosevelt Blvd until the Roosevelt Blvd becomes Truman Ave. Drive one block past Duval Street and turn right onto Whitehead Street. Drive approximately 1 mile to Southard Street and turn left. Go through the Truman Annex gates and the Boat Show is located in the Truman Waterfront at the end of Southard Street.
For more information visit: www.KeyWestBoatShow.com

Islamorada Presidential Sailfish Tournament Changes

Dear Friends and Fellow Anglers.

       I am pleased to announce that the dates of the Cheeca Lodge Presidential Sailfish Tournament will not go up in smoke.  The Islamorada Presidential Sailfish Tournament will take place on the same dates with the same tournament format.  The host facility, Marker 88 Restaurant, is putting up a tent and hosting this event for 2009.  After the tragic accident at Cheeca Lodge the management has decided that the tournament was to be canceled.  In true Keys fashion our local business and fishing friends all decided that a tournament must go on.  With the help of the Islamorada Charterboat Association, tournament sponsors Caribee Boat Sales, Yamaha Outboards, and Contender Boats the Islamorada Presidential Sailfish tournament was formed.  This tournament will provide our anglers with all the fanfare formerly shown by Cheeca Lodge, just at a different venue.  The Stoky family has put forth great effort to make this the world class event that people have become accustomed to. The proceeds of the tournament will benefit the Islamorada Charterboat Association a 501-c-3 organization. We will kick off Thursday January 15th at 5:30.  All rules, times, fishing dates, etc. will be the same as the Cheeca would have been.  I hope you will join us for a great tournament.  For more information please contact me at 305-852-2102 or ditournaments@aol.com

January 2009Lecture & Social

Capt. Ron Wagner will show

Winds across the Everglades


Captain Ron Wagner never forgot the story and its importance after seeing this film as a youngster.  Wind across The Everglades captures the wild dangerous beauty of early 1900s Florida.   An alcoholic conservationist tries to protect the Florida Everglades from both real estate developers and poachers killing some of the wild life.  Hunters were receiving $60.00 to $100.00 per once for feathers.

This agent faces off with the leader of one band of bird-hunters in this fictionalized account of the Audubon Society battle to end the killing of Florida's plume birds, whose feathers were used at the turn of the century for women's hats.

The movie which is hour and half long has wonderful video scenes from the Everglades the way they were.

     Monday, January 19th 2010 at 6:30 P.M.

The Islamorada Public Library, MM 82, Bayside

Lecture is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

For more information please call Irving Eyster, President of the Matecumbe Historical Trust at 664-9504.

Mercury giving rebates on select models

Mercury Marine is offering rebates through March 31 with the purchase of any qualifying inflatable purchased from any U.S. Mercury dealer.

Boats and their affiliated rebates are:

·         Roll-Up, Sport & Air Deck models: $100

·         Ocean Runner, Heavy Duty & Dynamic models: $125

·         350 Amanzi: Free stainless steel bow rail plus $150

Boats are for pleasure use only. Those purchased for commercial use do not qualify.  Rebate request forms are available at all Mercury dealerships and must be postmarked no late than April 15. Standard limited warranty applies. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corp.

NOAA to Create Saltwater Angler Registry NO
W SET FOR 2010  NOT 2009

Final rule gives states more time to implement local data gathering NOAA’s Fisheries Service released its final rule today to create a national saltwater angler registry of all marine recreational fishermen to help the nation better protect our shared marine resources. A requirement to establish a registry was included in a statute approved by Congress in 2007.  
       The final rule requires anglers and spearfishers who fish recreationally in federal ocean waters to be included in the national saltwater angler registry by January 1, 2010.  NOAA had originally proposed that registration be required beginning in January 2009, but based on public input decided to give states another year to put in place their own data collection systems.  
       NOAA received nearly 500 comments from anglers, state officials, and fishing and environmental organizations on its proposed national registry rule during the comment period from June 12 until Aug. 21. The registry is one component of the agency's new Marine Recreational Information Program, an initiative to enhance data collection on recreational catch and effort.
       To read the final registry rule and other information about the Marine Recreational Information Program, go to:


       Fresh seafood has been an integral part of Keys cuisine since settlers first fished the island chain’s waters nearly two centuries ago. Today, chefs create signature dishes around the prized harvest of the region’s commercial fishermen — from clawless Florida lobster to sweet pink shrimp and stone crab claws.

       This indigenous seafood, and the fishermen who devote their careers to seeking it, are to be celebrated Saturday, Jan. 17, during the fourth annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival.  Presented by the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association and the University of Florida/Monroe County Extension Service, the family-friendly festival is to take place from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Key West’s Bayview Park, located at Truman Avenue and Eisenhower Drive. Admission is free.

       The seafood festival’s menu typically features fresh Florida lobster, grouper, stone crab claws, deepwater golden crab, Key West pink shrimp and more — including favorite dishes such as savory conch chowder, sweet flan and Key lime pie. All seafood offerings are to be caught, cooked and served by fishermen and their families.  Soft drinks, beer and wine also are to be available for purchase.

       In addition, plans call for attractions including games for children, entertainment by local musicians and an appearance by the Key West High School band. The ZZ Top tribute band ZZ Not is scheduled as the musical headliner during the evening hours. Vendor booths are to offer arts and crafts portraying the fishing community and marine life, as well as other items handcrafted by local artisans. Information booths and educational exhibits also will be found on-site.

       Proceeds from the festival are to benefit the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association and scholarships for college-bound children of commercial fishermen.  For more information, call (305) 872-9026, e-mail vickigale@bellsouth.net, or visit www.fkcfa.org or http://monroe.ifas.ufl.edu/.

Cheeca Lodge Temporarily Closes Due to Building Fire . . .

       A New Year’s Eve fire at the 199-room Cheeca Lodge Resort & Spa left the resort’s main building heavily damaged, but there were no injuries to guests, staff or firefighters, officials said Thursday. The resort was temporarily closed to guests until management can complete assessments to effect repairs to the main building and restore the telecommunications system that was also damaged.

       Resort staff helped relocate guests and advised travelers with near-future Cheeca reservations to call their off-site reservations center at (800) 327-2888 to determine the resort’s status. A resort spokeswoman said vacationers who cannot be accommodated would receive a full refund and help with travel plans to other Keys resorts. The Islamorada Chamber of Commerce at (800) FAB-KEYS also is assisting in the relocation process.

       The fire began on a thatched awning on the front of the building and quickly spread round to the backside. The building encompasses administrative offices, the lobby, a restaurant, conference center and 49 guest rooms. No other buildings on the property were impacted and the conference center and administrative offices survived without incident. Other areas of the building were heavily impacted though, by smoke and water pumped to douse the flames, officials said. Islamorada Fire-Rescue personnel and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies assisted resort staff members to safely evacuate guests from the building. About 80 firefighters responding from as far away as Marathon and Miami-Dade assisted efforts to extinguish the blaze, according to Islamorada Fire Chief William A. Wagner, III. Cause of the fire is under investigation by the state fire marshal’s office. “Foul play” has been ruled out, Wagner said.

EPIRB changeover starts next month     

Beginning next month, search-and-rescue satellites will no longer process the 121.5/243 MHz signal transmitted by older analog EPIRBs.  The Coast Guard is reminding mariners to replace these EPIRBs with the newer 406 MHz beacons by Feb. 1. The 406 MHz signal is 50 times more powerful than the 121.5, allowing better detection and providing a more accurate search area for rescue authorities, according to the Coast Guard.

Also, the number of false alerts with digital beacons reportedly is significantly lower than with analog units. Satellites are incapable of distinguishing between beacon and non-beacon sources using analog frequencies, resulting in only about one in five alerts coming from a beacon, according to the Coast Guard. False alert signals can come from ATMs, pizza ovens and stadium scoreboards.  EPIRB users can register their beacons in the U.S. 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database at www.beaconregistration.noaa.gov or by calling (888) 212-SAVE.

June is Great Outdoors Month

President Bush and forty state governors have declared the month of June great outdoors month and this week is great outdoors week. A very fitting time to spend the last two days in Washington, DC, attending meetings of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and the American Recreation Coalition (ARC). I serve as the Chairman of both organizations.

I am joined on the RBFF board by Mike Hebert of Texas Marine, Jason Scruggs of Lowe Boats, Doug Beacham, representing the marina industry and John Hoagland of Mercury Marine to represent the boating industry. There is similar representation from the fishing industry and from state fish and wildlife agencies, SOBA and NASBLA.

RBFF is a federally funded outreach program to increase participation in fishing and boating. Its $12 million annual budget is spent promoting fishing and boating, promoting fishing license sales, and encouraging the youth of our nation to get outdoors fishing and boating. The Take Me Fishing campaign is in its fourth year and has been re-launched with great new creative. Take a look at www.takemefishing.org.

Take Me Fishing has partnered closely with Discover Boating and you will see a much stronger boating presence as part of the Take Me Fishing Web site, in their print ads and online. And, these synergies are helping both campaigns squeeze more value out of every dollar spent.

The American Recreation Coalition last night honored Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne, with the Sheldon Coleman Great Outdoors Award. I was fortunate to join the CEO of Coleman Company, Sam Solomon, to present this honor to Secretary Kempthorne. As Secretary of the Interior, Kempthorne has been a passionate supporter of getting Americans outdoors, and particularly getting kids outdoors, to enjoy our national parks, forests and waterways.

The dozens of recreation industries represented in ARC are all suffering today from high gasoline prices, flagging consumer confidence and a weakening economy. Yet, all understand that it is more important than ever to work together to get more Americans outdoors.

Our future depends on getting more Americans outdoors and boating will surely get its fair share when we succeed in doing so.

House subcommittee approves waterfront bill

The House Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Oceans last week approved H.R. 3223, the Keep Our Working Waterfronts Act, as part of H.R. 5451, the Coastal Zone Reauthorization Act of 2008.

H.R. 3223, sponsored by Rep. Tom Allen, D-Maine, would allow coastal states to invest in the protection, preservation, and expansion of working waterfronts through the Coastal Zone Management Act.

The bill creates a grant program to preserve access to coastal waters for commercial fishing operations and other water-dependent, coastal-related businesses, including recreational boating access. H.R. 3223 does this by amending the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 to establish a competitive matching-grant program administered through the Department of Commerce.

The legislation now heads to the House Natural Resources Committee for consideration.

SeaRay sees jump in AquaPalooza registration

If early registration numbers for Sea Ray's annual AquaPalooza are any indication, boaters aren’t going to let these stressful economic times keep them landlocked this summer.

As of Sunday, the multi-location marine extravaganza had seen a 352-percent increase in boat registration and a 395-percent increase in guest registration over last year’s numbers.

Here’s a bottom-line breakdown:

  • In 2006, there were 442 boat and 1,785 guest registrations by June 8.
  • In 2007, there were 1,048 boat and 4,732 registrations by June 8.
  • In 2008, there were 4,502 boat and 22,277 registrations by June 8.

I'm almost speechless, said Sea Ray president Rick Stone, in a statement. This just goes to show that now more than ever people want to get away from the stresses of life and take to the water with family and friends.

Last summer, AquaPalooza attracted more than 10,000 boats and 30,000 guests to 120 events throughout the world. This year, the boating party was expecting to draw more than 50,000 guests this year to 150 events on lakes, rivers, bays and harbors from New York to California, Egypt to Australia. “But with the amount of registrations we’ve already had, AquaPalooza 2008 could be bigger than we ever imagined,” said Stone.

Most of this year’s festivities will take place during the last two weekends in July, but other events are planned both before and after these dates. Sea Ray and its dealers will begin AquaPalooza stateside from July 18-20 at the Signature Event at Coconuts at the Lake, at Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

Attendees can visit the AquaPalooza Website at www.aquapalooza.com or call 800-SRBOATS for information

Analysis says boating accidents are on the decline

As National Safe Boating Week (May 17-23) begins, the Personal Watercraft Industry Association today released an analysis of boating safety data showing a decrease in boating accidents in 35 states from 2002 to 2006.

The decline in boating accidents in 22 states exceeds the five-year national decline of 13 percent, according to PWIA. Vermont (83 percent decrease) and Hawaii (71 percent decrease) ranked first and second for the most improved boating safety record. Florida and California, the states with the most registered boats, each saw a 24 percent decrease.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard data that PWIA used in its analysis, accidents involving personal watercraft have declined 31 percent in the same five-year period. Still, because most boating accidents are preventable, PWIA reminds boaters of the steps they can take to improve boating safety in their states.

Taking a boating safety class, wearing a life jacket, operating your boat defensively to avoid collisions and boating sober are all steps that every boater can take that will prevent an enjoyable day from becoming a tragedy, said Maureen Healey, executive director of PWIA, in a statement. She also serves on the board of directors of the National Safe Boating Council.

Coast Guard data shows nine out of 10 boating fatality victims who drowned in 2006 were not wearing a life jacket.

PWIA attributes boating safety improvements to many factors, including industry efforts to promote safe and responsible boating behavior, and laws enacted at the state level to require boater education.

The association says education is especially critical. In 2006, there were 710 boating fatalities nationwide, nearly three-quarters of which occurred on boats where the operator had not taken a boating safety course.

The leading causes of boating accidents are all operator-controlled, such as inexperience, inattention, and excessive speed. The leading types of accidents include collisions with other vessels and collisions with fixed objects such as docks or channel markers.


Thirty-two of the 35 states that have lowered the number of boating accidents in the last five years have some type of mandatory boater education law.

Yamaha changes branding for marine care products

Yamaha Marine Group has put its marine care products under the Yamalube brand.

Products affected include fuel additives, adhesives and lubricants, which will now bear the name Yamalube. With the change comes color-coded packaging designed to improve the customer’s ability to choose the correct product for the job at hand.

Yamaha is creating and launching an extensive campaign for dealers and customers as part of the rollout, including easily identifiable in-store display materials.

Report says Florida has highest boating fatality rate

Florida leads the nation in boating fatalities, with 77 boating-related deaths reported in 2007, according to a report released this week by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The state, it was noted, also leads the country in the number of registered vessels, with more than 1.027 million in 2007. That’s 2,668 above 2006 records.

There were 668 reportable boat accidents in 2007. Many of the boating-related deaths were because of victims falling overboard or capsizing their boat and drowning. A large number of the deaths could have been prevented if the victims had worn life jackets, the commission reported.

According to the report, 70 percent of the operators involved in the accidents had no formal boater education.

Monroe County reported the highest number of accidents and injuries with 74 accidents and four fatalities.

The report also found:

  • 90 percent of victims of fatal boating accidents were male.
  • 22 percent of the boating fatalities were caused by alcohol or drugs.
  • 56 percent of the fatal accidents were in vessels less than 17 feet in length.

To view the report, go to www.MyFWC.com.

Sea Ray Boats to discontinue production in Merritt Island, Fla.

Sea Ray Boats plans to discontinue boat production at its plant in Merritt Island, Fla., after June, effective with the 2009 model year. The Knoxville, Tenn.-based boat builder told its employees Thursday it will be reducing the number of boats it makes and plans to shift production of certain models from Merritt Island to other plants in Florida and Tennessee, according to Brunswick Corp. spokesman Dan Kubera.

The company said the decision was necessary because of market conditions, calling these the “most challenging times ever seen in the history of the U.S. marine industry. Based on various indicators, Sea Ray expects demand will further weaken during 2008, and is taking measures to decrease its production to better control the supply of boats in the marine pipeline. This must be done to protect the overall health of the business as well as that of Sea Ray dealers, according to Brunswick.

Investments, productivity improvements and available capacity at other Sea Ray locations will allow for the migration of models now produced at Merritt Island to other Sea Ray plants at Palm Coast, Fla., as well as two plants in Knoxville, Tenn. When completed, Sea Ray will have a net loss of about 80 jobs. Merritt Island will see a reduction of 350 positions, while there is an anticipated gain of 270 jobs at the three locations because they will be adding to their production mix.

The Sea Ray and Merritt Island leadership teams will work to transfer as many employees as possible between the various Sea Ray manufacturing plants and other Brunswick Boat Group locations. This decision has no further impact on other Sea Ray or Brunswick Boat Group manufacturing locations in Florida, including those at Sykes Creek and Edgewater, according to the company.

Wall Street analysts are offering little hope of early relief after the latest round of quarterly reports from the industries publicly held companies, including Brunswick. The companies showed further declines in sales and profits.

Boat registrations down 1.5 percent

Boat registrations in the United States declined 1.5 percent in 2006 compared to 2005, according to a new report from the National Marine Manufacturers Association. The boat registrations report provides an excellent tool for understanding what's happening within the recreational marine industry on a state-by-state basis. Click here to read the entire article or to contact the NMMA .

Honda Marine announces finance package

Honda Marine will offer special retail financing rates as low as 6.5 percent throughout this year’s boat show season. The program, offered by Honda Financial Services through participating Honda Marine dealers, is available to boaters purchasing new, unregistered outboards (2 to 225 hp) and inclusive boat, engine and trailer packages between Feb. 4 and May 31. Consumers have the additional option of deferring payments for 90 days, accruing no interest forthe first 60 days. Honda Marine, a division of American Honda Motor Co., manufactures and markets outboard marine engines. Honda says its full line of production models meets the rigorous California Air Resources Board standards

Critical Habitat Designation Proposed for Threatened Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals

 NOAA Fisheries seeking comments on its proposal to designate critical habitat for elkhorn (Acropora palmata) and staghorn (A. cervicornis) corals, which we listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Four specific areas are proposed for designation: Florida, Puerto Rico & St. Croix. For additional information click here

Hurricane Symposium to be held in Florida

Marina owners and yacht club managers are invited to attend a two-day hurricane preparation symposium March 4th and 5th at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida. It is intended to give participants the tools they need to weather the next hurricane, minimize damage and successfully recover. The symposium will help participants develop and effective hurricane plan, learn preparation techniques, know their legal rights for preparing boats and see exhibits of the latest in storm preparation and damage mitigation products. Go to http://www.boatus.com/hurricanes/symposium to register.

MarineMax posts bigger loss, cuts jobs

MarineMax’s losses widened for its first quarter amid the soft real estate market and eroding boat sales. The Clearwater, Fla. based boat retailer today reported a net loss for the quarter of $6.4 million compared to a net loss of $3.8 million in the comparable quarter a year ago. Revenue was $215.3 million for the first quarter, compared with $234 million in the same quarter last year. Same-store sales declined 9 percent, or $20 million, compared with a 14 percent increase in the year-ago period. To view full story click here.

National - Landmark Dolphin Agreement Reaches 10 Year Mark

  The international pact to save dolphins from being caught in tuna nets has reached its tenth anniversary and is considered one of the most successful agreements in the world governing the conservation and management of living marine resources. In 1998, the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program was adopted by the United States, the European Union and 11 other counties in response to concerns over the high number of dolphins killed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean tuna purse-seine fishery. Under this program, and its predecessor known as the La Jolla Agreement, dolphin deaths in the fishery have decreased more than 99 percent from historic levels. The goal of the agreement is to achieve zero dolphin deaths in the fishery.

Repeat winners dominate J.D. Power boat awards

MIAMI BEACH — Bass Cat, Cobalt, Correct Craft, Grady-White, Manitou, MasterCraft and Regal each rank highest in new-boat owner satisfaction in their respective categories, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2008 Boat Competitive Information Study, released today at the Miami International Boat Show.

Now in its seventh year, the study examines the sales, service and product experience of new-boat owners. Owner satisfaction with new boats is measured in seven segments: ski/wakeboard; fiberglass bass boats; small runabouts (16 to 19 feet); large runabouts (20 to 29 feet); coastal fishing (17 to 30 feet); pontoons; and express cruisers (24 to 33 feet).

Overall customer satisfaction index scores are based on performance in eight factors: cabin; engine; ride and handling; helm and instrument panel; design and styling; sound system; water sports; and fishing.

Bass boats
Bass Cat ranks highest in the bass boat segment for a fourth consecutive year, performing particularly well in each of the five factors that determine overall satisfaction: ride and handling; fishing; design and styling; engine, and helm and instrument panel. The company also receives the highest overall index score in the study for a third consecutive year. Following Bass Cat in the segment are Ranger and Triton, respectively.

Coastal fishing boats (17 to 30 feet)
For a seventh consecutive reporting year, Grady-White ranks highest in the segment, performing particularly well in four of the six factors driving overall satisfaction: fishing; ride and handling; design and styling; and helm and instrument panel. Grady-White also has the fewest reported problems of any manufacturer in the segment. Boston Whaler and Triton, respectively, follow Grady-White in the segment rankings.

Express cruisers (24 to 33 feet)
Making steady improvement in the study for the past three years, Regal ranks highest among express cruisers for a second consecutive year. Regal performs particularly well in ride and handling, which is the greatest driver of overall satisfaction, the study found. Sea Ray follows Regal in the express cruiser segment rankings.

Small runabouts (16 to 19 feet)
For a third consecutive year, Regal ranks highest in the small runabout segment, performing particularly well in all six factors that drive overall satisfaction: engine; water sports; design and styling; ride and handling; helm and instrument panel; and sound system, the study found. Regal also has the fewest reported problems

of any manufacturer in the segment. Sea Ray and Chaparral, respectively, follow Regal in the small runabout segment.

Large runabouts (20 to 29 feet)
Cobalt ranks highest in the large runabout segment for a seventh consecutive reporting year, performing particularly well in all six factors that drive overall satisfaction. Cobalt owners report having the highest satisfaction with the buying experience at a dealership and are also the most likely to say they “definitely will” recommend and repurchase from their dealer, compared with customers of other manufacturers in the large runabout segment. Regal closely follows Cobalt while Four Winns ranks third in the segment.

Manitou ranks highest among pontoon manufacturers, performing particularly well in ride and handling. Manitou is closely followed in the segment by Bennington, while Harris FloteBote and Premier tie to rank third in the segment.

Pontoons in particular have come a long way as far as advancements in features and technologies,” said Todd Markusic, senior director of the powersports practice at J.D. Power and Associates. “Usage of technologies such as satellite radio and MP3 players has steadily increased since 2006. Additionally, the average horsepower of pontoons has increased steadily as well. Pontoons are certainly reaching a new level of sophistication.”

Ski/wakeboard boats
Correct Craft and MasterCraft tie to rank highest in the ski/wakeboard segment. The 2008 study also marks the sixth consecutive reporting year that Correct Craft has received the highest ranking in the segment. MasterCraft is the only brand in the ski/wakeboard segment to improve in overall satisfaction since 2007, while Correct Craft performs particularly well in engine satisfaction. Malibu follows Correct Craft and MasterCraft in the highly competitive segment.

Mercury, PCM, Yamaha and Volvo Penta share top honors among marine engine manufacturers

MIAMI BEACH  Mercury, PCM, Yamaha and Volvo Penta share top honors among marine engine manufacturers, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2008 Marine Engine Competitive Information Study, released this morning at the Miami International Boat Show.

Now in its seventh year, the study measures overall customer satisfaction with four marine engine types: EFI inboard; 4-stroke EFI outboard; 2-stroke DI outboard; and EFI sterndrive.

Overall customer satisfaction index scores are based on performance across seven factors: starting ease; quietness at cruise; reliability; fuel economy; shifting smoothness; lack of exhaust fumes; and ability of boat to accelerate rapidly. The study also examines engine quality, where scores are measured as problems per 100 (PP100) engines and a lower score reflects higher quality.

Outboard DI 2-stroke
Mercury leads in the outboard direct injection 2-stroke segment for a third consecutive year, with slight improvements in engine quality since the 2007 study. Evinrude closely follows Mercury in the segment.

Transmission issues and stalling are the most frequently reported problems within the outboard DI two-stroke segment. However, two owner-reported problems — major engine failure and engine runs rough — have the most negative impact on overall satisfaction. Only 4 percent of owners experience either of these two problems.

Outboard EFI 4-stroke
Yamaha ranks highest in the outboard electronically fuel injected 4-stroke segment, performing particularly well in engine reliability. Yamaha is followed closely by Honda and Suzuki, respectively.

Among all outboard technologies, 4-stroke EFI engines have a particularly low number of reported problems (56 PP100). Among those owners who experience problems, those involving engine transmission are the most frequently reported.

Sterndrive EFI
Volvo Penta ranks highest in the sterndrive EFI segment, performing particularly well in the engine’s ability to accelerate rapidly, fuel economy and lack of exhaust fumes. MerCruiser closely follows Volvo Penta, receiving particularly high ratings from owners for engine reliability.

More than 57 percent of EFI owners indicate their new engine is problem-free, while only nine percent of owners report having three problems or more. The two most frequently reported problems by EFI sterndrive owners are engine transmission feels/sounds rough when shifting and issues with the engine tilt/trim.

Inboard EFI segment
For a third consecutive year, Pleasurecraft Engine Group (PCM) ranks highest in the inboard EFI 4-stroke engine segment, performing particularly well in engine reliability. PCM is followed in the segment by Marine Power.

While inboard EFI engines have the highest quality (49 PP100) and satisfaction ratings of all four engine segments, fuel economy continues to be a major weakness.

Fuel economy is clearly the Achilles heel of inboard EFI engines when you compare segment scores to those of the other engine categories, said Todd Markusic, senior director of the power sports practice at J.D. Power and Associates. Despite this shortcoming, inboard EFI engines have remarkable quality and earn extremely high satisfaction scores. Those brands that can find a way to improve the fuel economy of their engines would clearly have a major competitive advantage.




Seven Day Forecast for the Florida Keys

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