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Captain Greg Ekland - Islamorada Fishing Charters


Captain Steve Friedman - a fishing guide.com


Over Under Charters


Incognito charters - Captain Chris Lembo

Last Cast Charters - Captain Andrew Tipler

Dream Catcher Charters - Captain Steve Lamp


Key Flat Fishing - Captain Luke Kelly


Dirty Waters Charters - Captain Lain Goodwin


Rodeo Charters - Captain George Clark


Bamboo Charters - Matt Bellinger


Best Bet Sport Fishing - Captain Nick Borracino


Sweet E' Nuff Charters - Captain Dave Shugar


Islamorada Flats Report

Captain Matt Bellinger

Captain Matt Bellinger- Bamboo Charters


Islamorada Fishing Roundup

Captain Greg Ekland

Captain Greg Ekland - Islamorada fishing Roundup


Islamorada Offshore

Captain Joe Petrucco

Captain Joe Petrucco - killer instinct Charters

Islamorada Reef Report

Captain Brian McCadie

Captain Brian McCadie - Islamorada Reef Report


Key largo Flats Report

Captain Lain Goodwin

Key Largo Offshore Report

Captain George Clark

Captain George Clark

Key West Flats & Back Country

Captain Sandy Horn


Key West Offshore

Captain Chris Lembo

Captain Chris Lembo - Key West Offshore Report

Key West Fishing

Captain Steve Lamp

Captain Steve Lamp - Key West Fishing Report

Lower Keys Report

Captain Andrew Tipler

Captain Andrew Tipler - Lower Keys Fishing Report


Lower Keys Report

Captain Frank Piku

Captain Frank Piku - Lower Keys Fishing Report


Stories From the Skiff

Captain RonWagner

Lower Keys Inshore Report

Captain Luke Kelly

Captain Luke Kelly - Lower Keys Inshore Report


Bahamas Fishing Report

Over Under Adventures

Over Under Adventures


Mid-Atlantic Report

Captain Ned Hammond

Captain Ned Hammond - Mid-Atlantic Fishing


Marathon Fishing Report

Captain Dave Navarro

Captain Dave Navarro - Marathon Fishing Report

Marathon Fishing Report

Captain Nick Borraccio

Captain Nick Borracino - Marathon Fishing Report

Marathon Fishing Report

Captain Dave Shugar

Captain Dave Shugar - Marathon Fishing Report

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D.J 's Reel Repair Captain Ron Wagner Barefoot Bait

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